Lost & found.

Today, my mom discovered my secret hiding places for some of my favorite toys.

She kept asking me to tell her, but I kept mum for several weeks.


What toys?


Oh, those toys? Maybe the drier ate them.


Is that a fly?

This morning, she recovered six mice beneath the fridge, three balls under the stove next to all of the dust bunnies, and one catnip pillow behind the couch where she could barely reach.


While mom was busy looking for my toys, I had time to make some more pate art for you, including:


Cat Riding Elephant in Hail Storm

Friendly alien

Friendly Alien

Giant goldfish chats with squirrel

Giant Goldfish Chatting with Squirrel

I’m kinda glad mom finally found my toys, though. My box was starting to get empty.

a little empty

It wasn’t easy, though. She had to use the right tools.


Flashlight and Tape Measure

Chocolate espresso martini

Chocolate Espresso Martini

The oracle

The Oracle

But she persevered, and now my toy box runneth over. 🙂


Psst…now that my secret’s out, I’m in the market for some new hiding places. If you have any faves or suggestions, let me know, OK?


2 thoughts on “Lost & found.

  1. We suffered through many a disappearing toy here in Virginia last year. I kept searching in all the usual places (yep, even under the stove) but couldn’t find them until I moved the chair in the library and voila! found Khashmira’s stash. Now when the toy basket gets low I know where to look.

    Who knew Chocolate Espresso Martinis could be such a useful divining tool!

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