All bets are off.

My mom’s been pretty busy lately. She’s ghostwriting some books, redecorating our place, and she just had surgery. Like yesterday.

To boot, she’s on some crazy elimination diet where she has made herself into a human guinea pig. Honestly, I don’t know how she does it, so I was glad to hear she was taking a few weeks off from the experiment, since the post-op meds she’s on are giving her all sorts of side effects, which would make for ineffective food testing.

Fortunately, I’m not on any kind of diet. And I’m still making lots of pate art. Sorry my mom hasn’t been able to post all of my creations. She says she’ll try to carve out time to post more frequently.

Today, we’re just going to randomly share some cool stuff to catch you up, like:



Cat Carrying Groceries

Cat Carrying Exploding Groceries

Dragon Sneezing

Dragon Sneezing

Eyeore Napping

Eeyore Napping

Pooh & Piglet

Pooh & Piglet

And best of all:

New Toys

New Toys



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