Party at My House

Oh, hai. Guess you heard the Spurs won the NBA finals last night.

Being a native Texan, I was super stoked when I found out. Mom was talking to her friend David, which is how I heard about the game.

They were having a party at his sister’s house, and it was pretty raucous, from what I could tell.

Folks outside were partying by the pool, here, too.

Normally, this is our view.


But yesterday, it was more like this.


Being a good Texan, I had to get in on last night’s celebrations, too.


Mom said she couldn’t stop me, so she shut the bedroom door until I stopped running, which was sometime after midnight.

In my excitement, I forgot to clean up, so this is what mom found when she got up.


Usually my toys look like this.


Not this:


Exhibit A: This is a really cool soccer ball. I batted it around for hours after the game. If you don’t have one, my mom says she’ll mail you this one.

Or this:


Exhibit B: This ball makes an awesome sound whenever it moves. I think it has magic beans in it. Also, do you see the door stop there? They make noise, too. Two birds, one stone, ya’ll.

Or this:


Exhibit C: Mom didn’t buy it when I feigned innocence while she cleaned up. Especially, since Binky Angel was right in the middle of the living room floor. Will have to remember to not bring Binky Angel to future post-game celebrations.

Fortunately, my mom’s pretty cool. She took it all in stride, and we had breakfast on the balcony. We noticed the pool was pretty cloudy, though, and the maintenance guy was doing his own share of cleanup downstairs. He pulled a boot, a snorkle mask, and what was either a diaper or a bikini bottom from his net. For whatever it’s worth, it was a really great game. But mom says she’s not swimming in that pool until that water turns clear again.

I didn’t get a chance to make anything today. Mom was in San Antonio for a follow-up appointment. She says it was pretty cray cray there, too. There were signs up in the hospital, and the doctors and residents were all smiles. She also wanted me to let you know she’s happy she didn’t clip anyone on the I-35 corridor between the hours of 11 and 4 today, given that she’s still on the prednisone and painkillers and all.

Well, I need to go. Mom says it’s time for us to wind down.

Here’s a little something from the archives to tide you over ’til next time. We think it kind of encapsulates last night’s festivities.

Two Dogs Jumping on Pogo Stick Barking

Two Dogs Jumping on Pogo Stick Barking



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