A Bull in a China Shop, the State of the Union, and a Movie Plug Thrown in for Good Measure

Oh, hai. Happy Thor’s Day.

Mom says it could storm tonight. She seems to love it when it storms, especially on Thor’s Day.

I’m hoping for no storm. We already had one bull in the china shop today, which was enough upheaval for me.

A maintenance technician stopped by this afternoon to fix a few things, but they ended up worse for the wear.

After dinner I made this so mom would know I was still affected.

Raging Bull

Raging Bull

Our kitchen faucet now has deep gashes across its neck from being throttled repeatedly by a plumber’s wrench, and the water filter now sprays clear into the living room instead of just on mom.

The technician’s coming back tomorrow to “fix” the dishwasher and the drier, and Mom is lamenting having asked him to touch up some of the paint in the kitchen, because he came back with a can of spray paint and left white blobs all over the short wall.

Mom says this is because Mercury’s retrograde, and she should have just waited until her ruling planet started moving forward again before asking anyone to fix anything.

I think it’s because the guy just didn’t know what he was doing and sighed and sweared a lot.

It could also be because America got dark.

Take the movie, Maleficent. Mom loved it. She says it’s way better than the original and offers a much richer perspective.

She says sometimes darkness does that.

In case you’re curious, here’s where we were in 1959:

Pretty sappy, right?

And here’s where we are today:

Which mom likes way better. She says you just have to see Maleficent, so I promised her I’d plug the film.

I don’t know about ruling planets, but I’m taking cover if Thor pounds his mighty hammer tonight or that oaf comes back tomorrow to tear more stuff up.

Just sayin’.

PS: Uncle Matthew, if you’re reading this, mom says she’s sorry she didn’t like your stand-up ideas today. She Googled black Siberian kittens and found this pic on the net that she would like to extend as a peace offering. She says it’s almost as cute as I was, but he needs bigger feets and more toesies.

Kitten Almost as Adorbs as Me

Kitten Almost as Adorbs as Me



2 thoughts on “A Bull in a China Shop, the State of the Union, and a Movie Plug Thrown in for Good Measure

  1. Holy Zeitgeist! Interesting how each rendition of Once Upon a Dream captures the feeling of the decade in which each film was made.

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