Tiny Houses, Giant Cats, and Another Movie Plug

Oh hai. I hope your Friday is groovycat.

Last night mom and I were watching a documentary on tiny houses when her friend Miho texted her this picture of a giant cat.

We think this is probably PhotoShopped, but it’s still funny.

Mom started laughing and texted her friend back to let her know how awesome it was that she received a giant cat pic while watching a film about tiny houses.

While we’re not thinking of getting a giant cat anytime soon, we are entertaining the possibility of a small bungalow next spring. Nothing weensy like the glorified campers in the movie, but something more in the neighborhood of 800-900 square feet.

We’re all for conscious, sustainable living, but it’s also important to have space to live, breathe, do yoga, blog, sleep, and make pate art.

We think this cottage is cute. It’s a little on the small side for us. Our house is going to have a garden tub and lots of built-in bookcases. And an actual garden outside. We just haven’t met our bungalow yet.


I’m also happy to report that the maintenance supervisor stopped by today. After shaking his head and apologizing for the mayhem that was yesterday and biting his tongue when he thought better of saying more, he fixed the remaining items in a matter of minutes. He even covered up all those white splotches on our short wall with a few graceful strokes. Which was a really nice contrast to the 2 hours and change of efforting, sweating, and swearing that the other guy did.

Mom says the maintenance supervisor is an old soul. He was pretty chill and had this air of mastery about him that seemed to transcend the art of fixing things. He says they’re going to replace our faucet next week, so we won’t have to be reminded of the faucet strangler each time we do dishes.

Mom had to run to Walmart to get a new water filter. Twice. The first one didn’t have any of the adapters in it, so she had to go back. The good news is we now have a functioning water filter that doesn’t spray on mom or into the living room.

Mom said she felt like she was in that movie Groundhog Day and was worried that she’d have to keep going back to Walmart until she got this day right. Fortunately, it only took her two tries. She peeked in a few of the boxes at the store to  make sure all of the parts were present. She says she also parked in a different spot when she came back, because the car that pulled in while she was making her second filter run was angled strangely, and she said she needed to honor the groundhogs, or she might have to go back.

I made this today to let mom know I was super happy with how the day turned out.

Flying Elephant

Flying Elephant

Mom says we have to sign off now, because Mitchel texted her that he’s bored, and she promised she’d text him back after she plugged a movie, a giant cat, and a tiny house.

Happy Friday, ya’ll!




2 thoughts on “Tiny Houses, Giant Cats, and Another Movie Plug

  1. We wanted to do a tiny house, but with four kids, and living on land with so many people close by, the kids are begging for more privacy. A tiny house swiftly turned into a monstrous vision of a six bedroom cabin. I have no idea what I’ll do with the place when the kids are grown! Maybe swap it for something mini!

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