A Week in Review: We’re Getting a New Faucet, Mary Karr Rocks, Painkillers Are the Bomb, and You Probably Shouldn’t Have Caffeine after 4 P.M. Unless You Want to Stay Up Past 2 A.M. and Blog about it the Next Day

Oh, hai.  I hope your Caturday was awesome. Ours was pretty groovycat.

Mom cracked open some Anne Lammot and Mary Karr.


I helped.


The leasing office wrote back and confirmed they’d have the maintenance supervisor install our new faucet next week.

We also got mani-pedis. Here’s mine.


Here’s mom’s.


Mom says she went with a more vanilla shade this time, because dark colors are too labor-intensive while on painkillers.

She also talked to one of her writer friends who is finishing up a novel. They were up pretty late last night. Mom says that she probably shouldn’t have had that fourth cup of green tea at 4. She says she knew it was a bad idea when she was making it, but she says sometimes we do stupid stuff, so others can profit.

Speaking of which, Mom’s finishing up a memoir. She says it’s pretty funny, but she’s not sure if it’s because she’s on prednisone and painkillers right now, or if it’s actually funny, so she’ll have to do another read in a few weeks when she’s off her meds.

In case you were wondering, when she writes, her desk is a mess. Don’t get me wrong. She uses outlines and embraces structure, but sometimes Post-its win out. Which is pretty much what happened yesterday.

The Great Post-it Fest

The Great Post-it Fest

Mom says that’s normal. That the creative process is messy, and you just have to let the cards fall where they will. I think there may be some truth to that, but I also think she might be using it as a blanket clause to get out of housework this week.


As far as my work, this morning I was pretty hungry, so I didn’t leave much for mom to share with you.

Neighbor Walking Dog:  Abstract

Neighbor Walking Dog: Abstract

But we hope you like it all the same.

Mom says we have to keep this one short. She’s meeting auntie and David for brunch, and when she gets back she has to figure out what to do with all these Post-its on her computer.

Happy Sun’s day, and beware the green tea after 4, ya’ll!



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