New Faucets, Post-it Fairies, and Anime Unicorns, Oh My

Oh, hai. Happy summer solstice, ya’ll.

It’s pretty nice here in Austin today. It rained a little this morning. I only had to hide in the linen closet for a few hours, because it’s bright and sunny now and only in the mid-80s. Mom says so far the summer’s been pretty mild, for Texas.

Today was mom’s first day back at work after the surgery. She’s working at home this week to get back in the swing of things. She says her first day was pretty uneventful and that everyone at work was super awesome.

I think that’s because I helped.


Sending Good Juju to Mom and Coworkers

Maintenance also stopped by and replaced our faucet this afternoon. It’s new and sparkly and actually works. 🙂

And, in case you’re wondering, mom actually figured out what to do with all those Post-its yesterday. She was super stoked last night, because she finished her first draft of the memoir. But I think the Post-it fairy stopped by late last night, because she has about 23 more items in her story to address. Mom’s not sure if she’s going to get to them all today or not, but she says she’s grateful for the feedback, nonetheless.


The Great Post-it Fairy Returneth

I made this today, in case it would help her figure out what to do with all those new Post-its.

anime unicorn

Anime Unicorn

We think unicorns are awesome, so I bet mom figures out what the Post-it fairy wanted soon.

I’m also sitting in her lap as she blogs this. Partly for support but mostly to let her know it’s time for dinner.

These anime unicorns aren’t going to just make themselves, you know…

In honor of all things summer, we’d like to leave you with some some Vivaldi.

Thanks for stopping by. Let’s chat again soon, k?


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