The Quiet Spaces

Oh, hai. I hope your Tuesday is going well.

I’m in the linen closet right now, on account of all the thunder.

It’s been pretty quiet here today, but the storms are starting to roll in now, so I’m taking leave in my quiet space.

Mom loves quiet spaces, too. In fact, she says early morning and late evening are her favorite times, because that’s when you get to live in the inbetweens, right before the day busies itself with noise and activity and the heaviness of night carries you off to dream of stars, and magic, and all things sweet.

But she also loves storms. Sometimes, she opens all the windows and stands outside when it’s raining with her arms outstretched while the winds whip through her hair, because she says storms are special and should be acknowledged, like a guest in your home.

Mom she said she’d post something for me, so you wouldn’t have to wait on me to come out. Which could be awhile, because I’ve already eaten and the quilt in here is super soft.

Here’s something I made, before it got too noisy out.

Chubby Bear Hurtling Through Space

Chubby Bear Hurtling Through Space

Mom says when you turn it over, it kinda looks like our neighbor’s dog, Bear, so we’re including it, in case you like it better.

Bear Loves My Mom. He's Huge and Makes a Point of Standing on His Hind Legs and Hugging Her Every Time She Sees Him. For a Dog, He's Not So Bad.

Bear loves my mom. He’s huge and slobbery and makes a point of squealing and standing on his hind legs and hugging her every time she sees him, like she’s the best thing ever. And mom just eats it up and hugs him right back, while telling him what a good boy he is. We think Bear’s pretty awesome, so we’re hoping you like this one best, even though the other one is pretty cool, too, since it’s an actual bear.

This morning I was feeling pretty whimsical and also made this.

Funky Chicken Mascot: Abstract

Funky Chicken Mascot: Abstract

Mom laughed and told me I was either branching out or she needed to start giving me more media to work with. Between you and me, I eat plenty. I just really like the new treats she’s been mixing with my pate.

Mom says she’d like to leave you with this piece by Chopin. She says it captures the quiet spaces perfectly and that their short duration, just like her moments in the early morning and late evening, is what makes them so precious.

I think I’m going to take a nap now that mom’s done blogging.

Sweet dreams tonight, wherever they may take you…


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