My First Movie

Oh, hai, ya’ll.

Guess what?

I made a movie today. Mom filmed it and put it on YouTube and everything. It’s called Tuna Pleez. Mom says it’s not my best work. She said my meows reached banshee levels the other day, because it had been awhile since we’d had tuna, but we wanted to share this, in case you need help showing your mom how to share her food with you.

Mom always gives me some of the tuna juice whenever she makes a salad. She doesn’t give me much of the meat, or I’ll just recycle it on the living room carpet. She says the only time I get a plate of tuna is on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or whenever I meow as loudly as I did the day before yesterday.

Here’s what mom had for lunch today.


I had a bowl of crunchies and heaps of pate. And tuna juice for a snack.

In case you don’t live in Austin, it rained and stormed a bunch this morning. Mom was brave and kept working at the computer while the lights flickered.

I slept in the linen closet until things calmed down and mom opened up a can of tuna.

Oh, and I made this for ya’ll after the storm passed.

Conjoined Cows Napping

Conjoined Cows Napping

Mom says it’s supposed to storm some more tomorrow.

If so, I may come out for tuna, but that’s about it.

Stay dry, peeps.


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