More Tuna Pleez: The Sequel

Oh, hai.

Can you believe it’s Friday already?

This has been a super great week for me and mom.

Mom’s been working at home this week in her jams. Here’s a pic of me helping.


We also made a sequel to my debut film.

Filming is hard work, so I had to take a nap after we wrapped.

Mom also gave away several virtual cats this week to some of her coworkers to celebrate their awesomeness. She says upper management may take issue with her using the project notes feature on the dashboard to reward virtual cats and to encourage others to high-five the winners, but she says it’s a chance she’s willing to take.

And I just made this for you.

Bear and T. Rex Dancing

Bear and T. Rex Dancing

We’d like to end this post on a happy note, because Fridays are awesome like that.

Happy Friday, ya’ll!




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