D-Day, Finger Lancing, Hobby Lobby, and Good Old-Fashioned Righteous Boycotting

Oh, hai.

I have some really good news.

Mom’s still working at home this week on account her blood sugar’s still borked from all the prednisone she took post-surgery, which her friend David said was on the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Mom said that was fine when he told her, since she was half Jewish, but that her main reason for picking the date was because it had a lot of sixes in it, which is a good thing in numerology, and that the next available date was Friday the 13, and she said that wasn’t gonna happen.

I love that she’s still working from home, because I get to sit in her lap while she edits tech pubs all day and remind her that it’s time to eat.

She went to the doctor yesterday, because she was feeling pretty bad. They tested her blood glucose level, which is on the low end of normal. Her doc says even though it’s low normal, it’s a relative number, because the prednisone probably had it jacked up wicked high, so normal now probably feels low. The doc says it will probably take another week or two for her body to self-regulate. Until then, she has to eat small meals every 2 hours, which means I get to eat every 2 hours.

I totally love this setup. Mom says it’s tedious, but I don’t think she’s seeing the big picture here.


Oh and I guess you heard about Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court ruling yesterday, granting corporations the right to withhold contraceptive coverage based on religious grounds. Mom was at the doctor’s getting her finger lanced when she heard the news.

Hobby Lobby Can Suck It

Hobby Lobby Can Suck It

In case you live in a bubble, mom says Hobby Lobby blows major chunks, so does corporate America, and anyone else who wants to try and run her life can pretty much suck it, too.

Mom says she’s really disappointed in the Supreme Court’s ruling, and she’s never going to shop at Hobby Lobby again. Not that she frequented the store to begin with or that she anticipates a yen for scrapbooking coming on anytime soon. But on principle alone she says the boycott’s on. In fact, she says she’d rather get her finger lanced than walk into a Hobby Lobby. She also says her employer still covers contraceptive care, and if you work for Hobby Lobby and need birth control to please let her know, and she’ll pick some up for you.

Oh, and I made this Brontosaurus to support mom’s belief that outdated notions, such as controlling women’s reproductive rights based on pie-crust religious leanings, need to die out along with the rest of the dinosaurs.


Mom Really Hates Hobby Lobby

Mom says she’s tired, and if she says the word Hobby Lobby one more time her head might explode, so the political rant ends here.

Good night and Goddess bless.


2 thoughts on “D-Day, Finger Lancing, Hobby Lobby, and Good Old-Fashioned Righteous Boycotting

  1. Um, D-Day was 70 years ago. 40 years ago (next month) was Nixon’s resignation, a much happier event than yesterday’s SCOTUS decision. Whatever happened to majority rule? #%*@!!!! They may try to control our bodies, but they’ll never get our minds.

    *steps off soapbox and prepares for ritual…*

    Uh oh, hell hath no fury and all that.

    Hope your mom feels better soon, J.D. Use your snuggle power and make it happen.

    • You’re right. Thanks for pointing that out. And David did say 70 when he was sharing that factoid with me in the hospital, so the error’s all on me. Will go in and fix that, so I don’t offend the historians. I’m terrible with time, dates, and pretty much anything finite.

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