A Thor’s Day Tribute: Mom’s Not Slamming Heroin, so Could You Help Us Name These Blobs?

Oh, hai.

I hope you are having a good Thor’s day. There’s a chance of thunderstorms tonight, but so far I haven’t had to hang in the linen closet.

Mom got her labwork back today. She says she’s barely normal, which means she should start feeling better soon, once her body adjusts to being off prednisone and painkillers. It also means she has to keep putting salt in her juice for a bit longer to build up her electrolytes and that she can let HR know that she is, in fact, normal, in case they want to reinstate her space heater privileges.

Cheshire Cat

Alien Posing as Normal Person or Cheshire Cat. We Can’t Quite Tell.

Mom also said she’s raising the pate art bar and is going to start being more selective about the pix she takes of my artwork, because she has over 800 images to catalog before she can delete them from her phone, and she’s running out of memory, both in her head and in her phone.

She did some cataloging earlier this week and came across some pieces she wasn’t quite sure what to name.

We were wondering if you could help us out. The first one we captioned, because we almost knew what it was. But if we missed the mark, please chime in.

Here’s the next one. We’re not sure if it’s a fish wearing a crown or a bat flying over a partially eaten chicken leg. Either way, we’re stumped.


And we were also wondering about this one, which could be a hippo breakdancing or a doghead hurtling through space. We’re just not sure.


And this one really has us baffled. I don’t know what I was thinking when I made it. Mom says it could be Mr. Hanky coughing, but I think she’s being generous.



I think these are all the mystery images mom wanted to post. If we come across any others as we are cataloging, we’ll be sure to let you know. I’m pretty stoked, because mom gets tomorrow off, so we have a three-day weekend ahead of us.

All of us at artmycatmakes would like to wish you the awesomest of Thor’s days and a super safe and happy fourth!

PS: Mom says if you see her out and about this weekend, she hasn’t been slamming heroin. She had bloodwork done by a newbie phlebotomist yesterday, so her veins are a little meh.



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