A/C, Texans, and Why Mama Likes it Hot

Oh, hai.

I guess summer’s starting to wind its way to you now, huh. I still venture out on the patio, but mostly in the mornings and at dusk. Mom was working out there this morning. I helped.


Being a native Texan, I prefer the A/C to the sticky heat of summer. Mom can sit out there longer than me. She’ll even drink hot tea in July. Sometimes I don’t understand her, but that’s OK.

Friendly Alien

Friendly Alien

Mom says Texans are afraid to be hot. She says she’s never seen a culture so obsessed with A/C in her life. She says her office is a prime example. They keep it at 70 degrees in there, and the chiller blows cold air continuously. She says they even have the A/C going full blast in February, because it might get hot in March. Mom used to have space heater privileges at the office, but she lost those last winter when she blew the circuits in three people’s cubes. So now she wears pashminas, wool ponchos, and sometimes a knitted throw.

Mom keeps it around 80 here, which is nice. It’s comfortable for me, and she doesn’t need her pashminas, so it all works out.

What I'd Look Like if I Took a Selfie While Dancing

Me Dancing while Taking Selfie

Mom’s been lancing her finger this week to test her sugar levels. She was supposed to start on Monday when she felt shaky before dinner, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. But then she decided to buck up, and she lanced herself twice on Tuesday and once on Wednesday. Turns out her sugar levels are fine, regardless if she’s eaten or not, so now she doesn’t have to eat every 2 hours, and I’m going to have to work out alternate feeding arrangements.

Flying Cat with Jetpack

Flying Cat with Jetpack

They did a draw today at the doctor’s to test her cortisol and thyroid levels. Her thyroid’s been tested before, and it’s always fine. We think it’s her adrenals that are taxed from all the steroids, which were probably a little tapped before the prednisone, because she’s always cold, and HR told her she wasn’t normal.

Alien Dancing

Alien Hitchhiking

So that’s why Mama likes it hot, Texans like it cold, she can’t use space heaters at work anymore, and I can’t eat every 2 hours.

I hope that helps clear some things up.


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