A Week in Review: Mom Got a New Phone, How to Speak Bluetooth, Why Mom’s Clothes Are More Comfy than Binkys, and How to Cut Back on Spam

Oh, hai. I hope post-Caturday is treating you well.

We had a great Caturday. We hung out with our friend David. It turns out that despite her mass email deletion attempt and removing several hundred pix from her phone, mom was still unable to receive text messages yesterday, and Gmail took about a year to launch and would not synch her accounts, so she and David went to Starbucks and then to T-Mobile, once they were sufficiently caffeinated, to see what was up. Unfortunately, all attempts at resuscitation failed and mom ended up needing a new phone. Here’s the first pic she took with it of me this morning.


I look pretty good when I first wake up, huh?

Mom says she also learned how to speak bluetooth yesterday. She and David were pairing her phone with the bluetooth device in her car, and once the phonebook copy completed, mom and David took turns speaking clearly into the mic. They’d ask to call Matt, but Bluetooth thought they should call Tiffany instead. When David asked to call David, Bluetooth thought they should call TJ. Then mom tried speaking like Forrest Gump, and suddenly Bluetooth knew exactly who she meant and connected her right away to the caller. David took a turn and pretended he was John Cleese. Again, Bluetooth responded correctly. Mom tried a third time, giving it her best Texarkana, and she was immediately connected to the right person. So, if you have a bluetooth and are having trouble being understood, try a cheesy fake accent. Enunciating correctly will get you nowhere. Trust us.

Earlier this week mom discovered I have a shoe fetish. It seems I can’t help myself whenever mom leaves her flip flops out by the door. I just have to try them on. When she woke up on Caturday, this is what she found.


When she asked me about it, I tried to play it cool, but mom was on to me.


I’m thinking napping on her party dress probably didn’t help my case any.

As far as spam goes, mom says if you subscribe to several email lists and are having trouble keeping up with the thousands of emails that are clogging up your inbox and your smartphone is more than a few years old, you may want to check out that little unsubscribe button at the bottom of your emails. A new phone probably wouldn’t hurt either. Mom unsubscribed to several lists yesterday and is looking forward to receiving less mail in the future and to being able to text again. We hope this helps and that you have a week that is all things groovycat.


Dancing Elephant and Hippo

Gratuitous Disclaimer: In closing, we would like to state that neither mom’s dress nor her shoes were harmed during the making of this post and that I have plenty of binkys to sleep on. I just like mom’s stuff better.






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