Seasonal Allergies: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Oh, hai. Happy Moon’s day. Hope ya’ll are doing well.

The pollen count has been pretty high here in Austin these past few weeks. Even I have gotten in on the sneezing and wheezing.



Mom saw this homeopathic remedy at HEB yesterday, and she says it’s the bomb. She woke up this morning without any sinus pain or wheezing.

This is the real deal, ya'll.

This is the real deal, ya’ll.

Mom was using this one last week, and it didn’t help. She says get the one with drainage remedies added, regardless of what zone you live in.



And mom says this one will not help at all. In fact, you will wake up feeling super hungover and cheated for having spent so much on designer drugs that only make you feel worse.

The Devil's Poison

The Devil’s Poison

Today was mom’s first day back at the office. I gave her the sad face when she was packing up her gear this morning, but she went anyway. I didn’t much feel like making anything today, so we’re posting this link instead, because: a) mom heard it on the way home, and b) Cheryl Lynn. We hope you like it and that you find relief from seasonal allergies, should you be similarly afflicted.



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