Zumba!: A Lesson in Impermanence

Oh hai.

I hope you’re having a peaceful evening.

It’s super loud here. Mom says they’re having a zumba class by the pool, so she has to type this for me with headphones on to drown out the constant bass that is working its way into our evening, uninvited. She says if you look closely, you can see the back of the lady who organized the event. There are four or five more folks getting their zumba on right now. Mom says that’s fine, but they really shouldn’t blare the music, and it would be really nice if the Cares team thought of something other than pool parties and loud music to subject the residents to during the summer months.

The Lady Who Ruined Mom's Evening

The Lady Who Ruined Mom’s Evening

I made this to let mom know it would be totally fine if we moved somewhere that didn’t have a pool or a Cares team next year.

Zuni Bear Fetish Growling

Zuni Bear Fetish Growling

And then I went into the pantry to raid the treat jar while mom finished this post.


Mom says it seems the zumba class is ending, so we can go watch Netflix now. It only took one email and one blog post to ride out the class.

If Netflix isn’t your cup of tea and you actually miss the zumba party, here’s a virtual class for you.


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