Clown Cars, World Cup Parties, and Post-Caturday Chillaxin’

Oh, hai. I hope you had a good post-Caturday.

Ours was pretty chill, except for all the partying by the pool. Mom says folks were excited about the World Cup, so it got pretty raucous.

Mom was going to film it, but someone was kind enough to do that for her, in case you’d like to see what our weekend was like.

Mom also had to go pick up auntie at the airport yesterday. Her car is super tiny, so auntie and David and all their luggage barely fit. Mom wishes she had taken a pic to share with you. She says it was similar to this, except fewer clowns and more luggage.

We barely fit, ya'll.

They barely fit, ya’ll.

And I made this, so you could see how I spent my post-Caturday.

Resting Post-Caturday with Toys

Resting Post-Caturday with Toys

Hope your post-Caturday was awesome, too.

I’m playing soccer right now, because I’m still pretty stoked about Germany’s win yesterday.

Mom says if I keep it up, I might be able to make the team next year. This is Chunk, the captain of our neighborhood league.


I may be fat, but I can kick some soccer ass, bitches.

Happy Monday, ya’ll!


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