For You, a Little Yoga

Oh, hai.

I know we posted something this morning, but that’s because we needed to catch up and recap the weekend.

Mom says today was a yoga day. Just like this weekend, there were lots of opportunities that surfaced for her to take her yoga off the mat.*

But she says she was too sleepy to appreciate them, so the universe started throwing hints at her, like making the picture of an electrostatic chuck wafer in a web course she was editing look more like this mandala.

This in not an e-wafer. It's an actual mandala, but mom says this one's close to what was in her web doc.

And later in the day she got an email from one of the aerospace writers. He updated his e-signature, and the initials he used for Office and Mobile were in boldface lettering, spelling out OM. Mom thought that was pretty cool and decided to start paying attention.

So now she’s listening to this on YouTube to clear the road dust:

And she’s planning to do some yoga a little later today, so she can turn upside down and make things right.

In support of mom’s quest for enlightenment, I made this.

Sleepwalking Bear

Sleepwalking Bear

OK, I know it’s a stretch, but we think bears are cool.

I think I’ll help mom with her practice today and hold space for her at the front of the mat.

Yoga Cat

Yoga Cat

*Mom says she realizes every day is an opportunity for us to take our practice off the mat. But sometimes we don’t do so well, which is why we return to the mat, humbled and willing to try again.

Many Oms to you on this double-post Monday…


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