Flash! Boom! Grrr!

Oh, hai. In case you’re wondering, I’m in the linen closet again.


It thundered really loud when mom was outside taking a pic of this droopy plant that she brought home from work.


She says it’s because the workplace is toxic that the plant got sick. One of the engineers told her it probably just didn’t get enough sunlight, since her team moved away from the windows. Either way, even mom got spooked when she was getting ready to come back inside. She saw the lightning flash in her periphery, and then the thunder roared like this.

OK, maybe it was more like this.

Either way, it was super scary, and I took sanctuary in my beloved linen closet while mom noticed her phone was flickering with the thunder.

I think the storm may have passed, but I’m laying low for awhile, in case it comes back. They’re forecasting storms most of the week, so I thought I’d make this.


France Exploding

And this:


Three Teddy Bear Heads Hurtling through Space

I made these right before the storm hit. I was trying to warn mom not to go outside, but she was determined to get a droopy plant pic for ya’ll.

Like mom, my cousin Molly’s pretty fearless when it comes to storms. She’ll either peek out the window until it gets really loud.


Or chillax and watch Netflix with her uncle.


Well, I should probably let mom and Molly get to their Netflix. If it’s not too loud tomorrow, I’ll be back online.

Be safe peeps.






2 thoughts on “Flash! Boom! Grrr!

  1. After three days of thunderstorms (some of them REALLY loud), we have emerged from our linen closet to sunny skies and a breezy 75. Not bad for July.

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