Calling all Ninjas

Oh, hai.

In case you’re wondering, I’m out from hiding, because the storms have passed for now.

We had some big thunder last night. And heaps of rain.

Mom had to turn the alerts off her phone, because they kept waking her up, even with her phone on silent.

Here’s what they sound like, in case your phone doesn’t have them.

We had a flash flood warning in our area until 4:45 this morning. Mom says if there’s something going on while she’s sleeping that affects the road conditions, it can wait until she wakes up.


The only text alert she couldn’t turn off was the presidential one. Mom says the president better not wake her while she has this phone, or they’ll have some words.


What the President Will Look Like the Morning after He Text Alerts Mom in the Middle of the Night

Mom says basic etiquette dictates that you should not call or text after 10 p.m. or before 10 a.m., even if your hair is on fire and you need one of us to put it out. In case you haven’t gathered, we take our sleep very seriously around here.


What I Look Like When Mom Plays Yoga Music on Pandora

Earlier this week, mom got her ninja black belt in Confluence, which is a team collaboration software that’s sort of like blogging but with more features. She says she’s not really a wiki master or a ninja. It was just some cool title they bestowed to get folks interested in learning the new software.

confluence logo

Mom says it only took her 4 hours to get her Confluence black belt on Tuesday. Dressing like a ninja is optional, but if you’re interested, you can go here to learn how:

Rumor has it someone at work told mom that the plural of ninjas is actually ninja and that real ninjas don’t wear belts. This person probably also prefers to use the traditional haiku for plural. Whereas, mom rocks the alternative usage on both counts and has every intention of wearing her black belt to the next Confluence training session. In case the grammar and fashion police are reading this, mom Googled ninjas and black belts and haikus, and all are perfectly acceptable. Hooray!

Ninjas and black belts aside, I’ve been pretty lucky this week, because mom’s been home with me these past few days, and I’ve been getting extra treats. She hasn’t been feeling well, so I made this to help.

wizard cat throws fireball

Wizard Cat Throwing Fireball to Destroy Evil Cold Germs

And this, because it’s cool.


Kangaroo Jumping to Moon

Mom says she appreciates my work and that we’re supposed to get more storms this weekend. If I can come out of hiding long enough to post something on Caturday, I will.

Well, that’s it for storms and black belts and phone etiquette, peeps. Hope you have a happy Friday. And remember, obey the 10 to 10 rule. It’s real, ya’ll.



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