A good note

Oh hai. I hope you’re having a good week.

Mom and auntie tried to trick me into letting them cut more matted fur from my neck today, but I wasn’t having it. Mom’s been brushing my neck extra good this week, and she says the fur’s been loosening, but I’m not convinced it’s ready yet.


So, I’ll just hang out here until mom forgets I need a haircut.

Speaking of epic fails, mom said they recently put keypad locks on the bathroom doors at work. She says it’s annoying, because you don’t need to lock the exterior door to a bathroom if the individual stalls lock. She says they’re on the fifth floor, and it’s a decent neighborhood, so she decided to disable the lock from the inside. Now no one has to use the silly keypad, and if homeless people need to pee, they can, too. Mom says for a few days the office manger kept trying to lock it back, but eventually she gave up, because she realized it was futile, since mom drinks way more water than she does.


Mom says boundaries are good. For example, it’s good to lock the door to your stall in a public restroom. There are some things we just don’t need to see. But locking the door to the restroom entrance is overkill, we think. We also think giving a reader a deadline of three weeks to read five to ten pages, so they can vote on a literary submission is also fine. But that maybe mom’s reminder emails, regardless of how nicely and neutrally written, to the volunteers who were slacking on their assignments for a start-up publisher she’s helping out, may have been overkill, too, because nearly everyone quit this week, after realizing they were three month’s late with their first assignment and hadn’t bothered to reply to the other two emails mom had sent, gently asking when they would be able to complete their assignments.

This next item is so shameful, it warrants a separate line.

Mom had to tell the assistant publisher that his mom quit today. I don’t know if you’ve ever had to tell someone that their mom quit before. In case you haven’t, it pretty much sucks.


So just to recap: No one cut my hair today. Keypad locks on bathrooms with locked stalls are lame. And losing most of your volunteer staff in the same week is not only strange, it’s downright embarrassing.

We tried to find something in the artmycatmakes archives to end this post with, but nothing really fit.

Cat Playing Ukulele atop Giant Goldfish

So we’re going to end on a good note, because sometimes that’s all you can do.

Onward and upward, ya’ll.

PS: If you’re one of the remaining readers that still works for mom, please don’t quit. We need you. We promise not to send any more reminder emails, even though we were transparent about deadlines from the beginning and think that a few weeks is ample time to know if you like a book or not. If you fail to complete your assignments on time, we’ll just get new readers. That way no one feels bad, and progress can still be made.



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