Thor’s Day Forecast: Reverse Selfies with a Possibility of Exploding Heads

Oh hai. Happy Thor’s day.

Mom says it’s supposed to storm today, but so far it’s been pretty chill.

Lion Cub Napping

Lion Cub Napping

Earlier this week mom learned how to take reverse selfies on her phone.

I helped.


And today mom says she had to undergo rigorous technical training that dealt with strings of numbers and code and new software and multiple file paths and foreign file-naming conventions. She thought her head was going to explode, but she got through it OK.


Afterward, one of the technical writers that mom helped train last year called her up to see how the training went. Mom said she was pretty much lost and wasn’t sure if she could log in to the secure server yet. The writer walked her through the login process over the phone and even helped her install some software, so she could access the database. Tomorrow, they’re going to do the first project over the phone together.

Mom says she’s super grateful to have an aerospace angel, because everything was still feeling pretty abstract for her. Mom says she likes contemplating abstract ideas and images, but when it pertains to airplanes and flight safety, she’d rather have a more concrete grasp of the project and how to navigate all the files and fields and whoozits.

She still doesn’t know what all the code means, but if she at least knows what to check, your plane should be safe next time you board.


Mom’s still in training. She has another session tomorrow morning to learn a different kind of aerospace project.

So you may want to take a bus for the next few weeks until mom’s able to wrap her head around it all.

birthday-pilotcat (1)

Just sayin’.


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