Two More Sleeps

Oh hai.

I hope your Thor’s day is going well.

Mine’s been great. No storms all week.

It has been super hot here, though. Triple digits today in Texas.

Mom and I are doing lots of indoor stuff this week.

I made some really cool stuff for you, like this.

Good Fortune Cat, Abstract

Good Fortune Cat, Abstract

And this.

Cow Sleeping Beneath Stars

Cow Sleeping Beneath Stars

And this.

Cat with Toys

Cat with Toys

We’ve also started watching Haven on Netflix.


Auntie says my cousin Molly likes to watch TV, too. They’ve been watching a lot of soccer in their house these days.


And I’m happy to report my kitty grass is just about right.



Mom also got me some new crunchies. She says I get to try it out on Caturday, which is when I should run out of my other food.


I’m showing my gratitude by holding mouse duty. We think there’s a mouse in the wall, so I spend most of my time here.


And guess what? Only two more sleeps ’til Caturday!

Until then, we have this…


One thought on “Two More Sleeps

  1. You should tell your mom to get another pot and stagger the grass plantings so you always have a crop ready to munch.

    Oh, and now it’s only one more sleep until Caturday! *does the dance*

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