A Week in Review: Cat Naps, Stilletos, Tough Guy Cinema, and a Little Peace

Oh, hai. I hope you’re having a good Caturday.

Mine’s been great.

I’ve been napping most of the day. Also had some time on the catio with mom.


And I made this, because I was feeling whimsical.

Seal Balancing Ball

Seal Balancing Pet Goldfish on Nose while Alien Jellyfish Flies by

In case you were wondering, this Caturday was way better than last Caturday when mom took me to the vet.

I went for my senior wellness checkup last week, and I got poked and prodded by strangers. Mom held me, because I was scared, and we had to wait almost 2 hours, because they were super busy that day. When it was over, they said all my labwork was good, so mom and I were happy about that. I even got this rabies vaccination tag in the shape of my home state. Dr. Neely said I was an exemplary patient. And you know what else? Because I was such a good boy, and we were so patient with everyone, she gave us a discount on some of the labwork. How cool is that? Almost as cool as my tag in the shape of Texas, right?


Today mom’s going to a pool party with her friend Miho. Mom says Miho’s awesome, because she can wear stilletos and strike poses like this.


Whereas, if mom tried to pose like Miho while wearing stilettos, this would probably happen.

stilleto fail

Earlier this week, Miho and mom went to see a pre-screening of Expendables 3 at the Alamo Drafthouse. Afterward, Miho got to talk to Glen Powell.

miho and glen

Note: She’s still wearing the stilettos and hasn’t taken one spill.

Mom thought the beer-chugging contest before the movie and the Q&A at the end with Glen Powell were way better than the actual movie, but the tix were free and the eats were good, so mom isn’t really complaining. Mom says she can have fun doing just about anything, even Tough Guy Cinema. It’s just a matter of perspective.

And last night, mom talked to a friend of hers in St. Louis to see how he was doing. He’s related to Mike Brown, so he’s going through a pretty rough patch. He says it’s still pretty crazy out there, and he hopes things calm down soon. Mom lit a candle for him and his family last night and thought of the lotus blossom and how something beautiful can emerge from the depths of mud and murk. May this be the case with this week as well.

Blessings of peace and love to Mike Brown, Robin Williams, their families and loved ones, and all affected by this week’s events…May you be happy. May you be free…


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