A Week in Review: Cat Invades Pitch, New Food Rocks, Mom Needs Wine

Oh, hai. I hope your week has been groovycat.

Mom just finished up a freelance project. She put in 13 hours this weekend.

I’ve been helping her by purring and meowing a lot.

Uncle Matthew just sent us this clip. I was super excited to see this, because as you know, I’m a fan of all things soccer.

And, in case you were wondering, I really like the new food mom got me. It’s super yum. I even made this, so she’d know I approved.


Even the new wet food’s good.

King Cat

King Cat

And that’s all we have. Mom says when you work all weekend, you can blog less.

Especially when the files are linguistic puzzles written by ESL students on acid.

Mom says she needs a glass of wine and some Netflix now to set things right.

Fortunately, she has some, because Rob was talking about wine and food and Italy for like an hour on Friday, which made mom stop at HEB to bring some Italy home with her.


Until next time, peeps…


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