Sharing Is Caring

Oh, hai. I hope you’re having a good Moon’s day.

Carl and I have been super busy. We’re making good progress. We’re sleeping through the night and eating our meals together now. We also make a point of head butting each other before we eat. Here’s a pic mom took of us this morning on the catio.

Sharing is Caring

It’s OK Carl, you can eat this stuff. It’s organic.

I also have to show you this pic that mom just took of my brother. He’s feeling safe enough now to sleep on top of, rather than inside, his kitty cup now. He still follows me around, but I managed to get away for a bit to cat nap in the linen closet. I waited until Carl fell asleep first, because I wanted to be sure he was comfy.


Yesterday, Carl inched his way toward me, so we could nap together. Mom took pix.


Carl thought he was being sneaky, but mom and I were on to him.

Here he is pretending to be asleep.


I know what you’re doing, Carl.

And mom took this when he climbed on top of the scratcher to snuggle with me.

Besties in the Making

Sharing Is Caring

Mom says she had fun at Miho’s party this weekend. Here’s a pic her friend Rania took of her and Amanda.

Mom's an animal magnet. Even dogs like her.

Mom’s an animal magnet. Even dogs like her.

That’s Ti and Maple on mom’s lap. Here’s a close-up of Ti. Miho says the next day he was sitting in the chair that mom was in, waiting for her to come back.


I love you, nice lady. Please don’t ever get up, k? xoxo, Ti.

And here’s mom’s friend, Miho. She hosted the party and made lots of yummy eats for her friends.

You see that couch back there? That's Maple's throne.

You see that couch back there? That’s Maple’s throne.

Miho sent mom home with this nice terrarium that she made. Mom says some of the sand spilled out in her purse on the way home, because Mopac was bumpy. Miho, mom says if you’re reading this, she thinks she put the sand back right, but you are welcome to fix it next time you visit, if she did it wrong.


Mama J gave us the Halloween card. Cute, huh?

While mom was at the party, Carl and I made these.

Lion: Our Second Collective Work

Lion: Our Second Collective Work

Another Unicorn

Another Unicorn: I did most of this one, but Carl helped some.

I know we make these posts look easy, but a lot of work goes into them. For example, Carl is an epic photo bomber, as you will see here from mom’s attempts to get a good shot of us eating kitty grass.

Epic Photo Bomb

Carl, I think mom was trying to get a shot of me eating my morning kitty grass. Now, we have to try again. Which is OK, but I’m noticing you like to photo bomb.

And then there’s this shot mom took, which is a nice pic of Carl. Me, not so much.

Does this pic make my butt look big?

Does this wall make my butt look big?

Mom says we have to sign off now, because she has to do some work while Carl is still napping.

Stay tuned for more collective works and photo bombs.

Oh, and, in case you’re wondering, Ti’s still waiting for mom to come back and pet him on the couch.

She's coming back, right?

Hey, mom? She’s coming back, right?






Oh, hai. Hope you’re enjoying your Caturday.

Mom and I didn’t get much sleep last night on account of Taz.

That’s our nickname for Carl. He’s quite the little tornado, running around, looking for mischief.

Last night he scratched the sofa and carpet and tried to eat some of the fake bamboo plant in the living room, while purring.

Mom says I was a bit of a Taz when she first got me, too. She says it was because I was so excited to be home that I had to open every cabinet in the house and peek out every window.


Earlier today, when Taz was in the recycle bin, mom and I went out on the balcony for some quiet time. I got to munch on some kitty grass. We didn’t take Taz, because he has a history of jumping off of balconies. Mom says when Taz settles down, she’ll let him join us for supervised time out here.

Quiet Time

Quiet Time. Yes.

We’re not sure if Taz is a pate artist yet, but we did make this with our crunchies today.

Unicorn: Our First Collective Work

Unicorn: Our First Collective Work

And I made this when I got up this morning, in honor of my new brother.

Gremlin abstract

Gremlin: Abstract

I can’t decide if I should take a nap or play with Taz. He seems pretty cool, so I did show him where the linen closet was, in case he got spooked again.

We’ve already touched noses twice, and last night Taz slept with us. Taz hogged the covers, but we’re cutting him some slack, since he’s new to the fold.

Mom’s going to play Chopin while she’s at her party tonight, to keep things chill while she’s away.

In fact, she’s playing it right now, and Taz just decided to take a nap.

Whew! Guess that means I can rest for a bit, too.


‘Til next time, peeps.



Carl Sagan’s awesome.

I know this, because he’s my brother.


Carl Sagan

Like me, he’s pretty chill. This is a pic that his foster mom took of him.

Mom says she’ll let me post more pix of Carl, when he comes out from hiding.

Yesterday was a big day for both of us.

I got to gaze out the living room window for hours.

front row seat

The left side is for Carl. He just doesn’t know that yet.

And when Carl came home, I hid in the linen closet, because the loaner kennel smelled like dogs and that’s enough to spook anyone. Carl hid behind the couch, because he’s more shy than I am, if you can imagine that.

Last night mom washed Carl’s kitty cup, because it smelled like that place where they keep cats in cages, and it scared me.

Here it is now. I can walk up to it and sniff, and I don’t get spooked anymore, because it smells like lavender and laundry soap, which are safe smells to me.

Carl likes to hide here, so the shelter said mom could take it home with her.

Carl likes to hide here, so the shelter said mom could take it home with her.

Mom says Carl hopped up on the bed last night, and he sniffed mom’s nose twice. She said he didn’t stay long, because he’s still shy around us.

I remember being shy around mom when I first came home, too, so I’m giving Carl his space.

Last night he ran around and partied. I set a good example by chillaxing under the dining room table, firm in my resolve not to be roused.

This morning mom rewarded me with treats. She even put an extra food and water dish on top of the fridge for me, so I could snack and watch Carl at the same time.


Tomorrow mom’s going to a party at her friend Miho’s. She bought some wine and focaccia to take with her.


And I made this to let Carl know we’re happy to have him home.


Unicorn dancing at Miho’s last party

Welcome home, Carl. You can come out from behind the washer now. I promise that dog smell is gone.



Zombie Cats and All Things Chill

Oh, hai. Happy Equinox!

I’m excited that it’s the first day of fall.

I’m already thinking about what I want to be for Halloween this year.

Zombie Cat

Zombie Cat

My treat dish looks really festive right now, because mom’s transitioning me to my new crunchies.


I’ve even made good progress on shredding my outdoor scratching post, while practicing my zombie cat poses.


I wonder if I need to make more scary sounds, or if my glowing eyes will be enough to deter real zombie cats.

And I got to judge the Pate Art Olympics this past weekend. Here’s this year’s winner.

Bear Winning Sack Race with Turtles Cheering on Shoulders

Bear Winning Sack Race with Turtles Cheering on Shoulders

And mom made good progress on the novel she’s editing, thanks to this strategy.

Two-Fisted Drinking

Two-Fisted Drinking

While mom was working, I sent good juju into the African violet, so we could enjoy new blooms soon.


And tonight, we’re going to watch Coraline, because it’s spooky good.

Halloween’s just around the corner, ya’ll.

Hope you have a Happy Equinox and enjoy all things chill this season.


Rainy day mews

Oh, hai. Guess what?

There was a mighty storm on Thor’s day. It even rained inside our apartment last night.

In case you’re wondering how, here’s the point of entry.

point of entry

The sprinkler didn’t go off. The maintenance guy said we’d smell antifreeze, if it had. So we just have a gaping hole in our roof, which is no big deal. Especially, since it’s going to rain more this weekend.

Mom’s desk, phone, and computer were all wet this morning. Fortunately, nothing was damaged.

Except for some Post-its. Oh, and that pic of me consulting the oracle that mom had framed a few years back.


If only I’d asked the oracle about flooding, maybe we could have prevented this from ever happening.

But, we’re resilient folk. I even helped supervise the cleanup.


Hey, mom. I need pate. Can you get me some, pleez? You don’t need to clean this right now, do you? I have an artistic statement to make, which takes precedence over things like flooding.

Maintenance stopped by this afternoon. The guy smiled, “Yep, it rained in here last night. Looks like you have a leak.”

Mom was like, “So, can you fix it?”

And maintenance said, “We’ll have to call our roofing guy. Maybe he can stop by on Monday.”

So mom was like, “Can you put a band-aid on the roof ’til then?”

The maintenance guy nodded and said he’d do that.

We heard him on the roof, so we know he did something up there.

We just hope he didn’t use an actual band-aid.


You never know with people sometimes.

Zombie Cat


Or zombie cats.

So, we decided to move our desk and accoutrement, until all this gets sorted out.



Aiding and Abetting

Oh, hai. You know that expression it comes in threes, when referring to bad luck?

Well this week, I, and two of my accomplices, got caught in an organized crime spree, spurred by Tuesday’s full moon.

Mom says we have to post my mug shot, because confession is good for the soul.

caught red-handed

The full moon made me do it.

As much as I hate to rat on my buddies, mom says we have to come clean, especially since there was an eyewitness at the scene.

Dude, I saw everything. I think I need therapy.

Spike the unicorn was questioned earlier. We are releasing his statement to the press, in case you were curious what kinds of things unicorns said or how they were affected by crime sprees, “Dude, I saw everything. I think I need therapy or at least a triple rainbow to quell all this nausea. I thought these guys were cool. That I could trust them, you know?”

It all started when my cousin Molly was caught in an act of unlawful possession. Earlier this week, her mom was making a quilt, and Molly was specifically told that this batting was not hers. Molly, unfortunately, was unable to resist.

unlawful possession

I have no regrets. None. In fact, I’d do it again. In a heartbeat.

Soon after, I was caught breaking and entering. Spike and mom both saw me running around like a wild monkey, looking for mischief of the grandest sorts.

Breaking and entering

I wonder if I could hide Spike’s remains in here.

And then there is this guy, known in some circles as Gansta Kangaroo. Authorities apprehended him earlier this week when there were reports of gunfire in the bush.

Gangsta kangagroo

I didn’t think I’d need a silencer out in the middle of BFA. Boy was I wrong.

Mom wanted me to post these, so I would remember that crime doesn’t pay and that every criminal eventually gets caught, like this guy who was caught on video in the act of cat burglary, which is a serious offense in the state of Texas.

Who knows? Maybe we’re watching too many crime dramas late at night. I am at an impressionable age, after all. Mom made me do some community service today to pay off my debt to society.

Two more weeks of dish duty. FML.

Until next time, homies…


Mutant spider dog

Oh, hai. Hope your post-Caturday is going well.

Mom and I are enjoying the cooler weather after last night’s rain.

We also wanted to share this mutant spider video with you that mom saw on Facebook yesterday.

Mom says it’s her favorite film, currently.

We hope you like it, too.

Mom’s going to a football party later today.

Her favorite team is playing. (Go Niners!)

And I made a mutant camel for you to complement the video.

2-headed camel

You’re welcome.