Rainy day mews

Oh, hai. Guess what?

There was a mighty storm on Thor’s day. It even rained inside our apartment last night.

In case you’re wondering how, here’s the point of entry.

point of entry

The sprinkler didn’t go off. The maintenance guy said we’d smell antifreeze, if it had. So we just have a gaping hole in our roof, which is no big deal. Especially, since it’s going to rain more this weekend.

Mom’s desk, phone, and computer were all wet this morning. Fortunately, nothing was damaged.

Except for some Post-its. Oh, and that pic of me consulting the oracle that mom had framed a few years back.


If only I’d asked the oracle about flooding, maybe we could have prevented this from ever happening.

But, we’re resilient folk. I even helped supervise the cleanup.


Hey, mom. I need pate. Can you get me some, pleez? You don’t need to clean this right now, do you? I have an artistic statement to make, which takes precedence over things like flooding.

Maintenance stopped by this afternoon. The guy smiled, “Yep, it rained in here last night. Looks like you have a leak.”

Mom was like, “So, can you fix it?”

And maintenance said, “We’ll have to call our roofing guy. Maybe he can stop by on Monday.”

So mom was like, “Can you put a band-aid on the roof ’til then?”

The maintenance guy nodded and said he’d do that.

We heard him on the roof, so we know he did something up there.

We just hope he didn’t use an actual band-aid.


You never know with people sometimes.

Zombie Cat


Or zombie cats.

So, we decided to move our desk and accoutrement, until all this gets sorted out.



2 thoughts on “Rainy day mews

  1. It rained in our house once too! Dripped from the ceiling down the wall in the dining room and left a big puddle on the floor. And we had a big blue band-aid on top of the house for a few days. Cool, eh? The new roof wasn’t cheap, but it doesn’t leak.

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