Carl Sagan’s awesome.

I know this, because he’s my brother.


Carl Sagan

Like me, he’s pretty chill. This is a pic that his foster mom took of him.

Mom says she’ll let me post more pix of Carl, when he comes out from hiding.

Yesterday was a big day for both of us.

I got to gaze out the living room window for hours.

front row seat

The left side is for Carl. He just doesn’t know that yet.

And when Carl came home, I hid in the linen closet, because the loaner kennel smelled like dogs and that’s enough to spook anyone. Carl hid behind the couch, because he’s more shy than I am, if you can imagine that.

Last night mom washed Carl’s kitty cup, because it smelled like that place where they keep cats in cages, and it scared me.

Here it is now. I can walk up to it and sniff, and I don’t get spooked anymore, because it smells like lavender and laundry soap, which are safe smells to me.

Carl likes to hide here, so the shelter said mom could take it home with her.

Carl likes to hide here, so the shelter said mom could take it home with her.

Mom says Carl hopped up on the bed last night, and he sniffed mom’s nose twice. She said he didn’t stay long, because he’s still shy around us.

I remember being shy around mom when I first came home, too, so I’m giving Carl his space.

Last night he ran around and partied. I set a good example by chillaxing under the dining room table, firm in my resolve not to be roused.

This morning mom rewarded me with treats. She even put an extra food and water dish on top of the fridge for me, so I could snack and watch Carl at the same time.


Tomorrow mom’s going to a party at her friend Miho’s. She bought some wine and focaccia to take with her.


And I made this to let Carl know we’re happy to have him home.


Unicorn dancing at Miho’s last party

Welcome home, Carl. You can come out from behind the washer now. I promise that dog smell is gone.



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