Oh, hai. Hope you’re enjoying your Caturday.

Mom and I didn’t get much sleep last night on account of Taz.

That’s our nickname for Carl. He’s quite the little tornado, running around, looking for mischief.

Last night he scratched the sofa and carpet and tried to eat some of the fake bamboo plant in the living room, while purring.

Mom says I was a bit of a Taz when she first got me, too. She says it was because I was so excited to be home that I had to open every cabinet in the house and peek out every window.


Earlier today, when Taz was in the recycle bin, mom and I went out on the balcony for some quiet time. I got to munch on some kitty grass. We didn’t take Taz, because he has a history of jumping off of balconies. Mom says when Taz settles down, she’ll let him join us for supervised time out here.

Quiet Time

Quiet Time. Yes.

We’re not sure if Taz is a pate artist yet, but we did make this with our crunchies today.

Unicorn: Our First Collective Work

Unicorn: Our First Collective Work

And I made this when I got up this morning, in honor of my new brother.

Gremlin abstract

Gremlin: Abstract

I can’t decide if I should take a nap or play with Taz. He seems pretty cool, so I did show him where the linen closet was, in case he got spooked again.

We’ve already touched noses twice, and last night Taz slept with us. Taz hogged the covers, but we’re cutting him some slack, since he’s new to the fold.

Mom’s going to play Chopin while she’s at her party tonight, to keep things chill while she’s away.

In fact, she’s playing it right now, and Taz just decided to take a nap.

Whew! Guess that means I can rest for a bit, too.


‘Til next time, peeps.



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