Sharing Is Caring

Oh, hai. I hope you’re having a good Moon’s day.

Carl and I have been super busy. We’re making good progress. We’re sleeping through the night and eating our meals together now. We also make a point of head butting each other before we eat. Here’s a pic mom took of us this morning on the catio.

Sharing is Caring

It’s OK Carl, you can eat this stuff. It’s organic.

I also have to show you this pic that mom just took of my brother. He’s feeling safe enough now to sleep on top of, rather than inside, his kitty cup now. He still follows me around, but I managed to get away for a bit to cat nap in the linen closet. I waited until Carl fell asleep first, because I wanted to be sure he was comfy.


Yesterday, Carl inched his way toward me, so we could nap together. Mom took pix.


Carl thought he was being sneaky, but mom and I were on to him.

Here he is pretending to be asleep.


I know what you’re doing, Carl.

And mom took this when he climbed on top of the scratcher to snuggle with me.

Besties in the Making

Sharing Is Caring

Mom says she had fun at Miho’s party this weekend. Here’s a pic her friend Rania took of her and Amanda.

Mom's an animal magnet. Even dogs like her.

Mom’s an animal magnet. Even dogs like her.

That’s Ti and Maple on mom’s lap. Here’s a close-up of Ti. Miho says the next day he was sitting in the chair that mom was in, waiting for her to come back.


I love you, nice lady. Please don’t ever get up, k? xoxo, Ti.

And here’s mom’s friend, Miho. She hosted the party and made lots of yummy eats for her friends.

You see that couch back there? That's Maple's throne.

You see that couch back there? That’s Maple’s throne.

Miho sent mom home with this nice terrarium that she made. Mom says some of the sand spilled out in her purse on the way home, because Mopac was bumpy. Miho, mom says if you’re reading this, she thinks she put the sand back right, but you are welcome to fix it next time you visit, if she did it wrong.


Mama J gave us the Halloween card. Cute, huh?

While mom was at the party, Carl and I made these.

Lion: Our Second Collective Work

Lion: Our Second Collective Work

Another Unicorn

Another Unicorn: I did most of this one, but Carl helped some.

I know we make these posts look easy, but a lot of work goes into them. For example, Carl is an epic photo bomber, as you will see here from mom’s attempts to get a good shot of us eating kitty grass.

Epic Photo Bomb

Carl, I think mom was trying to get a shot of me eating my morning kitty grass. Now, we have to try again. Which is OK, but I’m noticing you like to photo bomb.

And then there’s this shot mom took, which is a nice pic of Carl. Me, not so much.

Does this pic make my butt look big?

Does this wall make my butt look big?

Mom says we have to sign off now, because she has to do some work while Carl is still napping.

Stay tuned for more collective works and photo bombs.

Oh, and, in case you’re wondering, Ti’s still waiting for mom to come back and pet him on the couch.

She's coming back, right?

Hey, mom? She’s coming back, right?





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