The NaBloPoMos Are Coming!

Oh, hai. I’m super stoked today.

Mom just told me we were going to participate in this year’s NaBloPoMo. So each day in the month of November, we’ll be sharing our artwork and antics with you.


But enough about that. Today’s Halloween! You probably remember that I decided last month I was going to go as a zombie cat. Mom says she’s going as an undiscovered writer, and Little C is going as Grumpy Cat. He’s been practicing his hisses for weeks now. She thinks he’ll be great.


Mom’s been getting her spook on all week. She’s been nose-deep in Neil Gaiman novels, and tonight she’s going to watch Rocky Horror while passing out mini granola bars to the kids.


This past weekend mom was busy editing into the wee hours. Carl and I stayed close by, in case she needed help.

Moral Support

Moral Support

And in honor of all things Halloween, we made these.

Cat Dancing with Ghost

Cat Dancing with Ghost



Oh, in case you were wondering about those African violets I was watching over, they’re doing great now.

Lil' C and I have been sending them lots of good juju.

Lil’ C and I have been sending them lots of good juju.

We’re going to sign off now. Wishing you the happiest of Halloweens, filled with lots of treats and the best juju you can find!

PS: Mom says if you’re still wondering what to be for Halloween, there’s always room for another sweet transvestite.

Just sayin’…



Oh, hai. I hope your weekend is going well.

Mom’s been busy working. Like a lot.

She was getting a slow start this morning, so I got into blogging position to encourage her to get at it.



She says not to look at her reflection in the picture, because she hadn’t brushed her hair yet.

I told her you can’t just say that and tell people not to look. It’s about as futile as saying, “strike that from the record.” The jury already heard it. You can’t strike it, really. Mom says if she were on a jury, and the judge told her to disregard that remark, she wouldn’t. It would only make her regard it more. So we probably shouldn’t have said anything about mom’s hair. Most of ya’ll wouldn’t have noticed, but now everyone’s going to notice, because mom said don’t.

In case you were wondering, I actually do hop in mom’s lap when it’s time to blog, unless it’s storming. Then I tell her what to say from the linen closet. Today mom said we couldn’t blog first thing, because she was on deadline. But she promised me we’d get to it soon.

So I made this, so she would know I was pretty stoked about her promise.

Prancing Pony

Prancing Pony

Even Carl got in on the action. When he heard that Mama J was a fan of the Roaring Twenties, he took to making her a flapper girl.


And when I saw that Carl was making art for Mama J, I decided I should, too. Especially since she’s sending us exciting band-aids.


The reason mom needs exciting band-aids is because Carl doesn’t want his nails trimmed yet, and he hasn’t learned that mama is not a launchpad.


And mama’s band-aids are boring.

I’ve never scratched mom, but I like getting my nails trimmed, which is a good thing, because I have 24 toesies.

6 on each foot.

6 on each foot.

Sometimes I just like to hop in mom’s lap to keep her company. Yesterday we finished a white paper together.

That's mom's tea, not mine.

That’s mom’s tea, not mine.

I even helped her locate that missing file.

Because I'm awesome like that.

Because I’m awesome like that.

Well, I’m thinking it’s about time to sign off. It’s nap time here. I hope the rest of your weekend goes well.

In closing, we’d like to share this video of Benedict Cumberbatch doing Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” walk, because it’s not every day Sherlock gets his groove on.

You’re welcome. 🙂


Adventures in Catnip

Oh, hai. I hope your Thor’s day is going well. Lil’ C and I are groovycat. We’re actually resting up after our latest adventure.


Nip Heads

Yesterday mom gave us catnip. I’m not sure if Carl has had catnip before, but he seemed to like it from what I could tell.


I ate mine pretty quickly and was ready to play, but Carl needed a minute to stare at the scratching post.


My brother’s kinda weird.

When Carl was done staring at the post, I explained how this was going to go down.


When he was ready, we got into position.


Catnip makes your tails extra bushy. See?

I made the first move, so Carl would know it was time to rumble.


We tried out our kung fu moves early on.


This one’s called the bunny feet.


Pretty soon we were having a good old-fashioned rumble.


We even started to shapeshift. Here’s a pic of Carl turning into a chipmunk kitty.


And look what happened to my tail.

Trippy, right?

I’m morphing into a giant rat. Trippy, right?

Carl liked the shapeshifting so much he decided to get more nip to see if it would turn him into a ninja kitty.


I told Carl we should try again, like real ninjas this time.


Carl accepted the challenge.



But in the middle of our ninja battle, Carl noticed mom’s tea and had to stop to investigate it, in case it had magic powers he could use.

Does this have nip in it?

Does this have nip in it?

I told Carl that was cheating and to come fight like a real ninja.


Carl swooped in.


But I was ready.



And when we were done being ninjas, we stopped by the scratching post for more nip.


You see all that hair? That's what happens when you fight like real ninjas. I swallowed Carl's hair while we were fighting.

You see all that hair on the carpet? That’s what happens when you fight like real ninjas.

We even made some cool stuff after.

Stoned Kangaroo

Stoned Kangaroo


Smiley Plate

And that night we did some window watching while dreaming of real ninjas in faraway lands.


Mom took this pic for Uncle Matthew, so he could see that Carl figured out the left side was his.

The next morning, mom discovered we had another ninja battle while she was sleeping.


In our defense, we cleaned up. It was way worse than this before she got up.

Mom says it’s time to sign off. I hope you enjoyed our adventures in catnip. Mom says she had her own adventures in kava a few weeks ago, but that’s another story. For now, she wants you to know that three shells are plenty, no matter what the barista says, and that maca is not appropriate for rockumentaries. She could be wrong about the maca, in which case, just steer clear of Nick Cave, and you should be fine.

You’re welcome.



Dear Carl

I think you’re awesome and all, and I’m really glad you’re here. I just wanted to share a few things with you, since you’re still new to the fold…


Now pay attention, OK? This is important.

1. In case you were wondering, mom’s foot is not a launchpad.

Mom says your red-eye flight was almost as painful as that Nick Cave movie she saw a few weeks ago. Almost.

Mom says your red-eye the other night was almost as painful as that Nick Cave movie she saw a few weeks ago. Almost.

2. I am not a backup singer. I know you had no way of knowing that. Just wanted you to be aware that I prefer to be lead vocal next time we have karaoke night.


3. Cleaning up after parties is a must.



Mom had a hard time turning the washer right side up the next morning.


In your defense, I think this looks pretty good, despite what mom says.



This on the other hand, not so much.


Oh, and a ball in the middle of the kitchen floor is a dead giveaway that we had a party. I put several away, but I couldn’t get them all before mom got up. Next time, we share cleanup duty, OK?

4. While mom is fine sharing her pashmina with you, she’d prefer that you not help yourself to all the pillowcases in the linen closet, too. We have a nice quilt in there already, in case you forgot.


5. Barring thunderstorms, only one of us can fit in the kitty cup.


6. But I like it when we share the leopard throw.

Blanket Buddies

Blanket Buddies

7. Now that we’ve covered parties and launchpads and sleeping arrangements, mom and I wanted you to know we think your crunchy art is really stellar. We’d even like to share some of your pieces this week, because we’re both super proud.

Cheeky Monkey

Lion Abstract

Lion Abstract

8. I made this one. You can tell, because of all the hair in the bowl.

Flapper Girl. I made this one for Mama J, because she likes things from that era.

Flapper Girl. (I made this for Mama J, because she likes things from that era.)

9. We think your pate art also has promise, so we’re showcasing it here.

UGA riding aardvark

UGA Riding Aardvark

10. Here’s one I made this week, in case you want to study my technique.



11. Your photobombing has gotten much better. Mom, on the other hand, needs to be more careful.


Nice shot of you. Too bad mom’s finger’s in it.


Mom says she’s sorry she photobombed our kitty grass olympics last week.


At least we have this shot.

Well, I don’t know about you, but all this mentoring has worn me out. I think it’s time for a nap.


Don’t worry little C. You got this.


Thunder Buddies

Oh, hai. I hope you’re doing well.

I guess you heard that it stormed a bunch here last night.

It’s OK. I have a thunder buddy now, so it’s a little less scary.


Mom took this when we took cover after the first rumble of thunder last night.

I’m happy to report my thunder buddy and I made it through the storm OK.

And today, we’ve figured out how to share the kitty cup.

At first it was just me in the kitty cup.


And little C was over by the TV chillin’ to Pandora.


But he decided it was cozier in the kitty cup, so he joined me.

See? We kinda fit.

See? We kinda fit.

Mom thinks we might need a bigger bed, so she’s going to look into that for us.

We also made some pretty cool stuff this week, like:

Chubby Bear Kickin' It

Chubby Bear Kickin’ It

Chicken Little

Chicken Little


Monkey Face

Monkey Face

So, all in all, we’ve had a really good week. And I’m super grateful for my thunder buddy.

I think everyone should have one. It makes getting through life’s storms much easier.

Speaking of which, mom says there are no thunderstorms forecast for the weekend, so we should have a pretty relaxing Caturday.


But we’re stickin’ close, just in case…