Thunder Buddies

Oh, hai. I hope you’re doing well.

I guess you heard that it stormed a bunch here last night.

It’s OK. I have a thunder buddy now, so it’s a little less scary.


Mom took this when we took cover after the first rumble of thunder last night.

I’m happy to report my thunder buddy and I made it through the storm OK.

And today, we’ve figured out how to share the kitty cup.

At first it was just me in the kitty cup.


And little C was over by the TV chillin’ to Pandora.


But he decided it was cozier in the kitty cup, so he joined me.

See? We kinda fit.

See? We kinda fit.

Mom thinks we might need a bigger bed, so she’s going to look into that for us.

We also made some pretty cool stuff this week, like:

Chubby Bear Kickin' It

Chubby Bear Kickin’ It

Chicken Little

Chicken Little


Monkey Face

Monkey Face

So, all in all, we’ve had a really good week. And I’m super grateful for my thunder buddy.

I think everyone should have one. It makes getting through life’s storms much easier.

Speaking of which, mom says there are no thunderstorms forecast for the weekend, so we should have a pretty relaxing Caturday.


But we’re stickin’ close, just in case…



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