Adventures in Catnip

Oh, hai. I hope your Thor’s day is going well. Lil’ C and I are groovycat. We’re actually resting up after our latest adventure.


Nip Heads

Yesterday mom gave us catnip. I’m not sure if Carl has had catnip before, but he seemed to like it from what I could tell.


I ate mine pretty quickly and was ready to play, but Carl needed a minute to stare at the scratching post.


My brother’s kinda weird.

When Carl was done staring at the post, I explained how this was going to go down.


When he was ready, we got into position.


Catnip makes your tails extra bushy. See?

I made the first move, so Carl would know it was time to rumble.


We tried out our kung fu moves early on.


This one’s called the bunny feet.


Pretty soon we were having a good old-fashioned rumble.


We even started to shapeshift. Here’s a pic of Carl turning into a chipmunk kitty.


And look what happened to my tail.

Trippy, right?

I’m morphing into a giant rat. Trippy, right?

Carl liked the shapeshifting so much he decided to get more nip to see if it would turn him into a ninja kitty.


I told Carl we should try again, like real ninjas this time.


Carl accepted the challenge.



But in the middle of our ninja battle, Carl noticed mom’s tea and had to stop to investigate it, in case it had magic powers he could use.

Does this have nip in it?

Does this have nip in it?

I told Carl that was cheating and to come fight like a real ninja.


Carl swooped in.


But I was ready.



And when we were done being ninjas, we stopped by the scratching post for more nip.


You see all that hair? That's what happens when you fight like real ninjas. I swallowed Carl's hair while we were fighting.

You see all that hair on the carpet? That’s what happens when you fight like real ninjas.

We even made some cool stuff after.

Stoned Kangaroo

Stoned Kangaroo


Smiley Plate

And that night we did some window watching while dreaming of real ninjas in faraway lands.


Mom took this pic for Uncle Matthew, so he could see that Carl figured out the left side was his.

The next morning, mom discovered we had another ninja battle while she was sleeping.


In our defense, we cleaned up. It was way worse than this before she got up.

Mom says it’s time to sign off. I hope you enjoyed our adventures in catnip. Mom says she had her own adventures in kava a few weeks ago, but that’s another story. For now, she wants you to know that three shells are plenty, no matter what the barista says, and that maca is not appropriate for rockumentaries. She could be wrong about the maca, in which case, just steer clear of Nick Cave, and you should be fine.

You’re welcome.



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