The NaBloPoMos Are Coming!

Oh, hai. I’m super stoked today.

Mom just told me we were going to participate in this year’s NaBloPoMo. So each day in the month of November, we’ll be sharing our artwork and antics with you.

But enough about that. Today’s Halloween! You probably remember that I decided last month I was going to go as a zombie cat. Mom says she’s going as an undiscovered writer, and Little C is going as Grumpy Cat. He’s been practicing his hisses for weeks now. She thinks he’ll be great.


Mom’s been getting her spook on all week. She’s been nose-deep in Neil Gaiman novels, and tonight she’s going to watch Rocky Horror while passing out mini granola bars to the kids.


This past weekend mom was busy editing into the wee hours. Carl and I stayed close by, in case she needed help.

Moral Support

Moral Support

And in honor of all things Halloween, we made these.

Cat Dancing with Ghost

Cat Dancing with Ghost



Oh, in case you were wondering about those African violets I was watching over, they’re doing great now.

Lil' C and I have been sending them lots of good juju.

Lil’ C and I have been sending them lots of good juju.

We’re going to sign off now. Wishing you the happiest of Halloweens, filled with lots of treats and the best juju you can find!

PS: Mom says if you’re still wondering what to be for Halloween, there’s always room for another sweet transvestite.

Just sayin’…


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