Chopin, Meatball Subs, and Conjoined Frogs

Oh, hai.

I bet you thought we forgot to blog today.

Not to worry. We’ve got this NaBloPoMo thing.

In fact, Mom and I have been lining up some guest bloggers for later in the month. After Little C’s bout with blogger’s block yesterday, we decided we should bring in some reinforcements, just in case.

We’re going to keep it a surprise, for now, though.


Until then, here’s a pic of Little C taking a bath.

Mom’s been listening to Chopin today. She really loves this interpretation of the nocturnes.

Mom says it has an otherworldly quality that she finds familiar and soothing.

The other day mom tried to listen to a different interpretation of the nocturnes, and she found it jarring. She says it was too rushed. Too mechanical. The phrasing was off.

Even Little C noticed.



So mom bookmarked the nocturnes she likes, so she can avoid any future discomfort.

Conjoined Frogs

Conjoined Frogs

I asked mom what today’s writing prompt was. She says the prompt reads, “What’s the best story someone else has recently told you (in person, preferably)? Share it with us, and feel free to embellish—that’s how good stories become great, after all.”

I think the best story we’ve heard recently was the one Uncle Matthew told us on his way home from the airport last week. He says he got detained in security because of a meatball sub.

Buy at your own risk.

We’re serious.

It started when he had a few hours before his flight, so he decided to grab a bite to eat at Subway. He says the lines were super long at the food court, and he didn’t want to miss his flight, so he decided to save his sandwich and stuck it inside his bag while he headed back to security. But he wasn’t able to make it through the gate, because his subversive sandwich set off all the alarms. Uncle Matthew says he got a good pat down, and they ransacked his bag while strange men in labcoats strapped him down and attached electrodes to his head to see if he was lying or not about the sub.


This is the part where we embellish.

Uncle Matthew didn’t take well to the treatment. He says by the time they were done, he couldn’t remember his birthday. Oh and his sandwich was cold and dismembered, and he had to put all his stuff back into his bag, because airport security thinks you’re their maid. He says he barely made his flight and that’s why he sent such a curt text message when he finally landed, and his dad hit reply all, which we can’t print here, because he’s a lawyer and might sue you for reading his text.

Uncle Matthew says the takeaway from all this is to stop sending group texts. But we think you should also stop buying subs at the airport. Apparently they have subversive matter that sets off the alarms, which could land you next to the scary electrode machines. And you might get tasered.

So remember to bookmark the music you like and to steer clear of the meatball subs. And to text one person at a time to avoid getting sued.

You’re welcome.


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