Life Is a Highway: Or Why It’s Sometimes Hard to Sleep During NaBloPoMo

Oh, hai. I hope you’re having a good Wednesday.

We’ve all been a little sleepy today.

Last night, Little C and I were running about. We had a pretty good romp until mom came out to check on us.

We assumed the snuggle buddy position, so she would think we were just chillin’.

Snuggle Buddies

What noise?

Somehow she didn’t buy it. Mom told us it was time for bed and that we needed to settle down. I told her we were too excited about NaBloPoMo to sleep.

So mom said she’d let me peek at today’s writing prompt, if Carl and I promised to let her sleep.

I figured that was a pretty fair trade, so I conceded.

Here’s the prompt, “You’re asked to recite a poem (or song lyrics) from memory — what’s the first one that comes to mind? Does it have a special meaning, or is there another reason it has stayed, intact, in your mind?”

That was easy. Little C and I had this tune in our heads all night when we were playing Formula 1. If mom had known, she probably would not have shared the writing prompt with us, because we were singing it into the wee hours while running amok.

Mom says she had to break into the exciting band-aids this afternoon. Somehow she cut her thumb while getting the mail or taking a walk.

Don't ask.

We’re just not sure. Either way, it’s pretty embarrassing.

And because Carl and I were so busy playing Formula 1 last night, we didn’t have time to make anything today, on account of all the naps we had to take. So we’re sharing some artwork from last night’s guest blogger, Liki. When she heard mom was working on a Disney proposal this week, she wanted to make something to lend her support.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Playing the Trumpet While Celebrating NaBloPoMo with His Tiny Animal Friends


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