Bunny Gargoyles, Sleeping Dragons, and Writing Prompts: Just Your Average Friday

Oh, hai. I can’t believe it’s Friday already.

Guess that’s what happens when you spend most of your week napping.


Mom says my napping has been influencing some of my artwork this week.

Dragon Sleeping

Sleepy Dragon to Watch Over Mom When She’s Working

Bunny Gargoyle to Protect Little C When He's Napping

Bunny Gargoyle to Protect Me and Little C When We’re Napping

Today’s writing prompt builds on what we did yesterday. It reads, “Yesterday, your pet/baby/inanimate object could read your post. Today, they can write back. Write a post from their point of view (or just pick any non-verbal creature/object).”

It turns out, I just got these letters back from Bowl and Tuna, which is cool, because I needed them for today’s prompt.

Dear J.D.

I don’t think it works that way, but I’ll stay as full as I can for you.


PS: At night I’m on top of the fridge, so you can snack while Little C is sleeping.

Dear J.D.

You are my biggest fan.
Tell your mom you’d like another lunch date, and I bet she’ll arrange a visit soon.



I was super glad to get mail today, and I’ve already let mom know about Tuna, so hopefully we’ll be blogging about that soon.

Until then…



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