Kitty Detectives: Or Why Life Is Too Short to Not Have Pizza

Oh, hai. We hope you’re having a good Moon’s day. It’s been pretty chill here.

Guarding Favorite Mouse

Guarding Favorite Mouse

Mom worked some on a novel she’s been editing, and Little c™ and I did some detective work.

I smell pizza.

I smell pizza.

I do, too.

I do, too.

It turns out mom was having leftover Paul Newman pizza for lunch. So far, we’ve noticed that Little c™ likes the smell of Amy’s organic chili, Paul Newman pizza, and pretty much anything from La Madeline.

Can I have some?

Can I have some?

I don’t really like table food. Little c™ seems to like everything.



Mom says table food isn’t good for kitties, so we just got to watch her eat it.

She gives us lots of kitty food and treats, though.

Like today, Little c™ made this when he smelled the pizza cooking, so mom could see he was a fine hunter.

Bear Catching Salmon

Bear Catching Salmon while Looking at Mom

Unfortunately for c™, no fish were caught today.

To take Little c™’s mind off the pizza, I asked mom about today’s writing prompt. It reads, “Fill in the blank: ‘Life is too short to _____.’ Now, write a post telling us how you’ve come to that conclusion.”

Before I could answer, c™ came running over and whispered, “Life is too short to not have pizza. And we should totally blog about that tonight.”

Mom looked at us and said we could have Greenies instead of pizza. So after lunch she brushed us and gave us treats, and c™ and I napped to celebrate our small victory.


As c™ drifted off to sleep, I heard him mutter, “Greenies are OK, but they’re not pizza…”


2 thoughts on “Kitty Detectives: Or Why Life Is Too Short to Not Have Pizza

  1. You should ask your mom for special treats like cantaloupe. While Liki and Khash think it’s an acquired taste (they say blech!), Madison (the himmie that came before) would beg for it.

    Then there was Badise. She liked bamboo shoots and sauerkraut. Torties are strange.

    Yay, pizza!

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