Bacon: I Got This, Yo

Oh hai. I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Little c™ and I have been napping most of the day.

Mom told us we’d be having a guest blogger tonight, so we decided to take the day off.

What we do when mom's working.

Not to worry. We made good use of our time.

Before we introduce our guest, I thought we should share our writing prompt for the day. It reads, “Is there a period in your own personal life that you think of as the good old days? Tell us a story about those innocent and/or exciting times (or lack thereof).”

I told mom, these were the good old days, and we pretty much cover that every time we post, so I wasn’t really sure what else I could add. Mom said that was OK, because our guest blogger was hoping he could field this one, so we’ll defer to him.

Bacon, are you ready? If so, I’ll let you take it from here. Little c™ and I were going to take another nap, so the rest of this post yours, if you’re up for it.

Yo, yo, what up, J.D.? You kickin’ it over there? I hear you be takin’ the day off, player.

Since you be askin’, I got me the perfect story for you and your homies, yo.

But first, check this out.

Ladies, I'm single, if you're lookin'.

Yo, ladies. Single and lookin’. You know what I’m sayin’??

As far as them good ol’ days, yo. I got me this sweet Uncle M, alright. He be cookin’ up some dope-ass eats in his crib. 24/7.

One day, I be chillin’, and he be frying up organic bacon that he make himself.

You don’t believe me? Yo. Check this shit out. Homie got his own recipe and everything. I be watching him cure that meat for a week, yo.

That smell near drove me crazy, so I pulled one of my G moves on him that night he cooked his first slice. As soon as he open that door to take out his trash, BAM! I be inside chillin’ by that stove, yo.

Uncle M, he be cool though. First thing he do was fix me a plate of that smoked candy. I be trippin’ on all that bacon, yo. Best meal of these nine lives, fo’ sho. After we ate, I be ready to kick it with my homies, so Uncle M, he let me roll.

But I know a good thing when I smell it, peeps. The next day, Uncle M, he be headin’ to work, right? So I run in his car, yo.

You keep any in here, yo?

You keep any in here, yo?

And when he told me he didn’t have any, I was like, I got this, yo. I can drive.

Uncle M was all, I can’t let you do that man, you ain’t on my policy. And I was like, just give me some, yo.

And you know what? I still be waitin’ on that bacon…

I liked that candy so much, Uncle M, he call me Bacon now.

And if those ain’t some good ol’ days, I don’t know what is.

Yo, J.D., you see Uncle M, you tell him I be waitin’ on that smoked candy, alright?

How’s that? We cool?

Yo? What up? You sleepin’ again, player? Wake up, homes. You can’t be kickin’ it 24/7, yo…


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