Big Brothers and Crime Dramas: Not Necessarily but Probably Related

Hi. I’m little c™. I’m guest blogging tonight, because our Internet is down, and J.D. has too many toes to type on mom’s phone.

The writing prompt today was about sharing a time when someone helped you through a difficult situation. We’re paraphrasing, because we read the prompt several hours ago, but we’re probably close. If not, I think it’s still a good topic, because last night we were watching a crime drama, and when it came to a scary part, my big brother, J.D., helped me out, because he’s awesome like that.


See what I mean?

When we have our Internet back, I’m thinking we can add more cool stuff like links and key words, in case someone searching for crime dramas or big brothers, not necessarily but probably related, can find us.

Until then here’s another pic.


You’re welcome.


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