me&jadeJ.D. and I are grateful to our many friends and supporters. First off, we’d like to thank Auntie Kim and Molly for letting us stay with them when we needed a roof over our heads last fall. Your generosity and friendship will always be appreciated. We also want to thank our cool Uncle Matthew, whose incessant need and prodding for cute J.D. pix provide a steady stream of visual fodder for this blog. Many thanks also to Marrit for suggesting the cool name for our blog, and to Melissa and countless others who encouraged us to document J.D.’s work online. We’d also like to thank Austin Pet’s Alive for incorrectly sexing J.D. Had we known he was a boy sooner, we would have probably named him something less awesome. We are also very grateful to Dr. Neeley at Cedar Park Animal Clinic, who eventually helped clear things up for us and to Fanny Pearce for understanding how to navigate life’s surprises and come up roses. Countless thanks to Iams for making the best chicken pate on the planet, which continues to inspire J.D’s boundless creations. And to anyone or anything else that we’ve forgotten to thank, please know that you are appreciated and that we wish you all good things. Always.


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