A Very Merry Gaiman Capote to You

Oh, hai. I hope you all are enjoying the holidays. I’m stoked, because we get two weekends this week. Mom had yesterday and today off, so we got to get some good snuggles in. And yesterday, little c™ helped mom unload the Christmas groceries, in hopes there was tuna to be had.


There was!


We also listened to Neil Gaiman read A Christmas Carol yesterday. Well, I listened to part of it. Little c™ kept hissing at Scrooge, so mom had to listen to the rest of the broadcast on her headphones.

In case you’d like to listen to the entire NYPL broadcast, here’s the link. Just don’t play it when c™ is around, or the hisses will overpower the reading.

We all listened to Truman Capote’s A Christmas Memory this morning. As you may recall, c™ and I are big fans of Uncle Truman, so it was a real treat to listen to him read this holiday classic. I fell asleep purring on mom’s chest, while c™ dozed off on his leopard print binky.


In case you want to listen to Capote read his holiday story, we’re sharing the link, which, I’m happy to report, is safe to play when c™ is around.

As you can imagine, we were excited about Santa’s arrival this week. Little c™ made a self-portrait, so Santa could find him easier.


I’m the one with the moustache.

And I made a pic of Santa, so he would know I was thinking of him.


Bring treats.

I’m happy to report our efforts paid off. We got some cool toys and yummy eats this year.

He even left a Christmas flower on the window sill for mom.


And Mama J™ says we shouldn’t close without giving our thanks to the baby Cheez-its, the real reason behind this whole 2-weekend week.


We love you baby Cheez-its.



A Good Yarn

Oh, hai.

I hope your day has been going well.

Mom’s been working most of the day, so little c™ and I took to entertaining ourselves.

First we decided to tumble.

Always a good idea.

Always a good idea.

Then we rested.

We're pro resters.

We’re pro resters.

We also played with our food.

Jeering Bowl

Jeering Bowl

Alien Walking Dog

Alien Walking Dog

Then little c™ sent laser beams out his eyes to see if mom would notice.

It didn't work.

She did.

So mom stopped working for a bit to read us today’s writing prompt. We were excited, because it’s all about stories. It says, “What makes a good storyteller, in your opinion? Are your favorite storytellers people you know or writers you admire?”

Little c™ and I are big fans of Truman Capote. We think he spins a really good yarn. So mom told us she’d let us listen to a recording of Truman Capote narrating “A Christmas Memory,” if we promised not to shoot any more laser beams out our eyes today.

We obliged.

We promised.

And if you like, you can play the link that mom’s including tonight, in case you’re a fan of Truman Capote, too.