It Takes a Village

Oh, hai. Can you believe it’s been 30 days already? Little c™ and I have enjoyed NaBloPoMo this year.

We’ve shared our penchant for Formula 1 racing, tuna, good stories, and binkies. Little c™ learned about our magic closet and how to construct a decent knock knock joke. We also learned to embrace our differences and to honor who we each are in the process while listening to good music and swapping stories with friends.

All in all a really great month.

Today’s writing prompt reads, “What’s the longest stretch you’ve ever pulled off of posting daily to your blog? What did you learn about blogging through that achievement, and what made you break the streak?”

I think 30 consecutive days is the longest I’ve blogged. Mom says she blogged every day for an entire year once and that it was simultaneously challenging and rewarding. She says once or twice a week is probably good for us, though, and I’d have to agree. It’s nice to have some days off in between. But what we learned during this month is that blogging can be a communal experience. It doesn’t have to be just one person, or cat, sharing their thoughts. We’ve enjoyed working with all of our guest bloggers this month and even meeting some new bloggers along the way.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 30-day blog fest. We’re going to sign off now. In gratitude for all of you. It takes a village to blog, and we’re proud to be part of yours.

Until next time…

Your honored hosts.

Your devoted hosts, J.D. and little c™


they’d better bring tuna.

oh, hi. it’s me again, little c™. j.d. said i could guest blog tonight, since he’s wanting to nap.

we’ve had a really good day. earlier we went out on the catio.

Kitty grass is the bomb.

kitty grass is the bomb.

and later, my big bro lent a sympathetic ear when i shared a few concerns with him.

i think we're out of catnip.

i think we’re out of catnip and tuna.

i asked mom about today’s writing prompt. it says, “You were caught in an avalanche. To be rescued, you need to make it through the night. What thought(s) would give you the strength to go through such a scary, dangerous situation?”

i hope i’m never caught in an avalanche. but if that happened to me, i’d think about j.d. and all of our binky fest 2014 practice sessions. i think that would keep me warm until the rescue team came.


but they’d better bring tuna…

and binkies

…and binkies.



The heart wants what it wants.

Oh, hai. Guess what?

When we logged in today, we noticed we were nominated for the Lovely Blog Award.

Little c™ and I have never won anything before, so we’re pretty stoked about it.

In case you were wondering, it’s a real award, because Vintage Guinea gave it to us.

This is what it looks like. Pretty cool, huh?

This is what it looks like. Pretty cool, huh?

We love her blog. She writes about guinea pigs and tea biscuits and books and sometimes William Blake the fish.

So we wanted to take this moment to thank her for nominating us for this awesome award.

We also wanted to share today’s writing prompt with you. It says, “Today, publish a post based on unused material from a previous piece – a paragraph you nixed, a link you didn’t include, a photo you decided not to use. Let your leftovers shine!”

I consulted with little c™, and we decided to share this pic with you, since it’s asking for leftovers.

This is the free-range, antibiotic-free, organic chicken that nobody ate.

This is the free-range, antibiotic-free, organic chicken that nobody ate.

And these are our dinner plates, licked clean, because tuna’s meant to be eaten.

The heart wants what it wants.

The heart wants what it wants.



Snuggle Fest 2014

Oh, hai. I hope you’ve been having a good day so far.

Little c™ and I have been practicing for Snuggle Fest 2014. Mom thinks we have a good chance this year.

snugglefest 2014

I also made this to let mom know I supported her decision to get up early this morning to feed me.

Rooster: Abstract No. 2

Rooster: Abstract No. 2

And little c™ took the initiative this afternoon and asked about today’s writing prompt. It reads, “We all have that one eccentric relative who always says and does the strangest things. In your family, who’s that person, and what is it that earned him/her that reputation?”

Little c™ says our cousin Molly likes to quilt. He doesn’t think that’s strange per se. He just knows that his cousin beats to her own drum and is very much in charge of things over at Scrap Happy Quilting.

Queen Molly, Acquisitions Manager and Resident Catnip Princess.

Proud Molly, Acquisitions Manager and Hospitality Princess, Scrap Happy Quilting

She also knows how to kick back and have a good time when the work’s all done.


And we’re hoping to have her on soon as a guest blogger.

Until then, stay warm!


Bacon: I Got This, Yo

Oh hai. I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Little c™ and I have been napping most of the day.

Mom told us we’d be having a guest blogger tonight, so we decided to take the day off.

What we do when mom's working.

Not to worry. We made good use of our time.

Before we introduce our guest, I thought we should share our writing prompt for the day. It reads, “Is there a period in your own personal life that you think of as the good old days? Tell us a story about those innocent and/or exciting times (or lack thereof).”

I told mom, these were the good old days, and we pretty much cover that every time we post, so I wasn’t really sure what else I could add. Mom said that was OK, because our guest blogger was hoping he could field this one, so we’ll defer to him.

Bacon, are you ready? If so, I’ll let you take it from here. Little c™ and I were going to take another nap, so the rest of this post yours, if you’re up for it.

Yo, yo, what up, J.D.? You kickin’ it over there? I hear you be takin’ the day off, player.

Since you be askin’, I got me the perfect story for you and your homies, yo.

But first, check this out.

Ladies, I'm single, if you're lookin'.

Yo, ladies. Single and lookin’. You know what I’m sayin’??

As far as them good ol’ days, yo. I got me this sweet Uncle M, alright. He be cookin’ up some dope-ass eats in his crib. 24/7.

One day, I be chillin’, and he be frying up organic bacon that he make himself.

You don’t believe me? Yo. Check this shit out. Homie got his own recipe and everything. I be watching him cure that meat for a week, yo.

That smell near drove me crazy, so I pulled one of my G moves on him that night he cooked his first slice. As soon as he open that door to take out his trash, BAM! I be inside chillin’ by that stove, yo.

Uncle M, he be cool though. First thing he do was fix me a plate of that smoked candy. I be trippin’ on all that bacon, yo. Best meal of these nine lives, fo’ sho. After we ate, I be ready to kick it with my homies, so Uncle M, he let me roll.

But I know a good thing when I smell it, peeps. The next day, Uncle M, he be headin’ to work, right? So I run in his car, yo.

You keep any in here, yo?

You keep any in here, yo?

And when he told me he didn’t have any, I was like, I got this, yo. I can drive.

Uncle M was all, I can’t let you do that man, you ain’t on my policy. And I was like, just give me some, yo.

And you know what? I still be waitin’ on that bacon…

I liked that candy so much, Uncle M, he call me Bacon now.

And if those ain’t some good ol’ days, I don’t know what is.

Yo, J.D., you see Uncle M, you tell him I be waitin’ on that smoked candy, alright?

How’s that? We cool?

Yo? What up? You sleepin’ again, player? Wake up, homes. You can’t be kickin’ it 24/7, yo…


Five Minutes, Tops

Oh, hai. Mom’s been working all day, and little c™ and I have been waiting for her to finish.


She’s still not done, but at least we have Pashmina.

I asked mom if she could share our writing prompt with us while we waited. It reads, “Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want?”

Mom says I should write a haiku about it, since she’s tired. That way we only have to expend three lines.

I’ve never written a haiku before, so I thought we should give this one to little c™. We don’t know if he’s written one before or not either, but it’s worth a shot.

Five Minutes, Tops
a haiku impromptu by c™

Waiting for tuna—
Moist, flaky treat. Five minutes,
Tops. Hear our stares, please.





Oil, Meet Water

Oh, hai. Hope your week is going well so far.

When we got up this morning, it was about 40 degrees out. I went on the patio, but Little c­™ stayed inside with mom while I enjoyed my kitty grass. I didn’t stay out too long, though. It wasn’t the cold weather that bothered me. As you know, I have a nice thick coat. It was more the wind. Just like rain and thunder, wind spooks me some.

It's OK. Mom was close by.

It’s OK. Mom was close by.

While I was having my kitty grass, Little c™ took a bath on the comfort of our leopard throw.


And mom was stoked, because her new used book came. She geeks out on language and was curious about how this title was structured, so she ordered a copy on Amazon.


And for those of you who are following our writing prompts, today’s reads, “Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along?”

That’s easy. Little c™ and I are like polar opposites. He likes table food, I like cat food. He hisses at the vacuum cleaner. I hide from it. He hates The Vampire Diaries. I love the show, but I have to agree with mom. The Originals is way better than The Vampire Diaries ever was.

So how do we all get along? Easy. We accept each other’s quirks. While c™ is hissing at the vacuum, I’m resting safely in the linen closet. When we’re watching soapy teen dramas, c™ keeps me company while he sleeps.

Mom took this last night while we were watching the Season 5 finale. We're squinting, because it was dark and mom had to use flash.

Mom took this last night while we were watching The Vampire Diaries‘ Season 5 finale. We’re squinting, because it was dark and mom had to use flash.

Otherwise you'd just see splashes of white and wonder why we were posting pix like this.

Otherwise, you’d just see splashes of white and miss out on how cute we look snuggling.

And while mom’s geeking out on language, Little c™ and I are having Formula 1 races and making cool stuff for you.

Like this:

Clifford Barking

Clifford Barking

And this:

Disco Ghosts

Disco Ghosts

You’re welcome.